If I am not for myself, then who is for me?
If I am only for myself, then what am I?
and if not now, then when? *

Please note: Choose from three different therapists: Maureen Powell, LCSW; Michael Feldman, LPC or Mellisa Bonnette, LPC​​:


These groups are designed for the continuation of care immediately or soon after formal treatment for substance abuse.

The groups last for six (6) weeks and will be led by licensed counselor or a social worker. The groups will be closed, so once started, no additional participants will be enrolled.

The cost is $25.00 per person per session, to be paid all at once upon being accepted (qualified) into a group. Credit cards, check, cash and some insurance is accepted. Please call for more information.
Professional referral or proof of completion of substance abuse treatment is required

Specialty Groups
  Those who have stopped or are trying to stop. Please contact us for details.

         S.O.B.E.R. Therapeutic Groups
These professionally led groups are intended for people who have recently completed formal treatment for substance abuse. Proof of completion of the individual's treatment or a professional referral from a mental health professional is required.

Each S.O.B.E.R.group lasts for six (6) weeks and will be led by a licensed counselor or a social worker. The groups will be closed, so once started, no additional participants will be enrolled.

The longest journey in life always starts with the phrase "I know a shortcut"
*The Life Of Bren,Paperback – October 26, 2013

Another approach may be: "The longest journey always starts with the first step."Many people are able to solve their own problems on their own and need no help from others, and some people choose professional help. Both choices take time. Usually the self-help approach  takes more time.
Individual therapy often saves a person many months if not years of time and effort. This is the great advantage of individual therapy.


If you are partnered with someone through: marriage, engagement or living together, and find that things aren't what you expect, please come in and we can talk about what options you may have and perhaps behaviors can be altered in order to improve your situation. 

We offer twice-weekly sessions of Yoga Nidra - a type of guided meditation. Regular meditation practice helps you heal, mend, re-energize, reduce stress,  and live your very best life.  We use Yoga Nidra because it is so simple and easy. Participants simply lie down in Savasana (corpse pose), close their eyes and let the certified facilitator guide them through breathing and body awareness exercises. 

We subscribe to the "family of origin" therory  that is often the best guide in trying to sort out what hasn't been going right in your family.

Our families can be familial or people that have taken the place of socity's designation for your "family". 



We offer free* meeting space to community groups, such as: AA, NA, Smoking Cessation groups, etc.   Please apply to be able to schedule your group activity 

*no fees if group does not charge participation or  admission
Hallie Dozier, Ph.D.e
Hallie Dozier has practiced the Transcendental Meditation® and other forms of meditation since 2012. Research has shown that adopting a regular meditation practice can help reduce a person's stress and anxiety, and help moderate and alleviate mood disorders, insomnia, and even hypertension. Dr. Dozier has found practicing meditation regularly has brought her great peace of mind, a lighter outlook on life and improved her relationships in her private and professional lives. Overall, meditation has helped make her life much more enjoyable and balanced.

Dr. Dozier is particularly interested in helping those in recovery programs who struggle with "settling down" into a regular meditation practice and find the right techniques for them so they, too, can benefit from meditation.

Free Resources
Thank you to those who have collaborated with the Free Mindfulness Project by allowing us to share these resources. All of the guided meditation exercises below are protected by a creative commons licence, meaning they are free to download and distribute non-commercially. Please credit the original sources when doing so and feel free to direct people here for more resources.
If you have any comments about the meditations you download we'd love to hear your feedback.

We're also pleased to announce, new in April 2016, our sister site 'Words to Sit With' - a home for contemporary free-to-share mindfulness poetry.

Guided Mindfulness Exercises

To download a particular guided mindfulness exercise click 'Download' in the right hand column, or right-click and select 'Save as...'.  All of the audio files are in MP3 format and under 20MB size.

Mindfulness of breath

These short mindfulness exercises focus on bringing awareness to the process of breathing. As something that we are doing all of the time, watching our breath allows us to come into the present moment and practice being aware.

 Title  Size (MB)  Length  Guidance  
 Three minute breathing     1.0    3:35 Peter Morgan, Free Mindfulness Download
 Five minute breathing  3.7    5:31 Mindful Awareness Research Centre, UCLA    Download
 Five minute breathing  4.3    4:39 Life Happens Download
 Six minute breath awareness  1.7     6:32 Melbourne Mindfulness Centre & Still Mind Download
 Ten minute breathing

 2.6   9:56 Peter Morgan, Free Mindfulness  Download
 Ten minute mindfulness of breathing  9.2  10:01 Padraig O'Morain Download
These audio files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Yamuna Body Rolling® (YBR)
Yamuna Body Rolling® is a method of self-exploration, self-massage and self-healing. Using inflatable balls, muscle strength and balance, the teacher leads you through movements on the ball in a way that follows your body’s own logical organization. Moving your body over the ball, you first align and stimulate the bones. As you improve the quality of the bones and rid them from excessive impact, you also work the muscles from origin to insertion, using mild traction to allow muscles and fascia to elongate and unwind to full length.  Realigning and stimulating the bones allows you to function more fully, releasing the muscles and fascia allows the body to maintain proper alignment of bones and joints. 
For me, personally, the greatest benefit has come from working areas of my body as deeply as I like and from working areas that a massage therapist typically does not work: groin area, inner thighs, backs of knees, armpits, sternum and front of neck. The first time I rolled the front of my sternum, clavicle and anterior shoulders, I immediately stood up tall and straight – with greater ease than I had since I can remember. It was transforming!
YBR will leave you feeling taller, lighter and freer. It is a good stand-alone wellness practice, or the perfect accompaniment for other wellness work, including chiropractic and massage. Give it a try, and learn how profoundly and effectively you can care for your own body.
Private sessions are availabe as are small workshops. Sign up for a session today. 
For more information go to www.yamunausa.com
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Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

About YN

Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep.” It is a systematic method of inducing physical, mental, and emotional relaxation: known as psychic sleep or the yoga of conscious sleep. When you practice
Yoga Nidra, you are resting in a state between wakefulness and sleep. This state is deeply restful and produces prolonged alpha brain waves. Your mind becomes very open and receptive during the practice of Yoga Nidra, and the facilitator guides you through different breathing and awareness experiences that help improve the integration of the hemispheres of your mind. Better mind integration helps open you to better management of emotions, creativity and productiveness. Additionally, regular practice can help you remove or diminish any unwanted habits and tendencies you may have, as well as improve your problem solving skills.  Some practitioners and leaders say that Yoga Nidra can be used for directing the mind to accomplish anything.

Yoga Nidra is for anyone, experienced meditators and beginners. Practitioners lie comfortably on a mat or blanket, close their eyes and allow the facilitator to guide them through breathing, awareness, body and mind practices that will leave them feeling refreshed and relaxed.

At Roads to Wellness, we offer Yoga Nidra twice weekly. On Mondays at 6:00 p.m. and Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Classes are small and comfortable. Reserve  your spot in a session today!
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Please note: Choose from three different therapists: Maureen Powell, LCSW; Michael Feldman, LPC or Mellisa Bonnette, LPC​​​